Anchored Differentiation and Evaluation of Product Designs

Organization Science (accepted)

Comparative processes are crucial to how consumers evaluate design. What we show, however, is that consumers can be sophisticated in such comparisons. Given a novel design, they would lean on its similarities to past designs to understand its functionalities, but also lean on dis-similarities to other contemporary designs to seek... [Read More]

IKEA Hackers

user innovation

Check out IKEA Hackers if you’re in the mood for some fascinating ideas on how to “hack” your furniture pieces into something else! (Here’s a simple hack to make nesting tables out of IKEA stools). Working on a early project with Shi Ying Lim on how amateurs come up with... [Read More]

Business Method Innovations and Firm Value - An Empirical Investigation


Are business method innovations valuable to manufacturing firms, or should firms (particularly manufacturers) focus on product and manufacturing process innovations, as is traditionally the case? Leveraging on the decision of State Street vs. CLS Bank in 1998 whereby business method patents are now patentable subject matter, we compared returns to... [Read More]

Revisiting the Role of Collaboration in Creating Breakthrough Inventions

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (accepted)

We challenge the notion that collaboration is always better than working alone. In our study using technological and design patents we find that the decomposability of the invention significantly moderates the effectiveness of the lone inventor. Particularly, tasks that are less decomposable relatively advantages the lone inventor. We also show... [Read More]

Anchored Differentiation - The Role of Temporal Distance in the Comparison and Evaluation of New Product Designs


A new design can be compared with its contemporaries or older designs. In this study, we argue that the temporal distance between the new design and its comparison play an important role in understanding how a new design’s similarity with other designs contributes to its market valuation. Specifically, we argue... [Read More]